Maximise your IT budget by trading in your redundant IT equipment. Trading in against your future purchases from ETB is the best way to maximise your return on your unwanted Servers and parts.

The value of your equipment will be credited to your account to be used at any time on your future purchases from ETB.

Trade-in Equipment Types

  • Data Centre Equipment
  • Servers, Switches, Storage Arrays, CPUs, Hard Drives, Server Memory
  • Dell, HP, Cisco, Intel, Juniper

Trade-in Procedure

We work with you directly and your product will come direct to our warehouse to be processed. We can offer a full report on equipment received plus secure data erasure certification using industry approved software.

  • 1. Send us your list of equipment for sale
  • 2. Tell us which product you are interested in buying from us (if known)
  • 3. Receive an offer within 24 Hours
  • 4. We arrange collection
  • 5. We test, record and data wipe where required
  • 6. We credit your account with the full trade in value
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