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Why you should consider refurbished GPUs

Why you should consider refurbished GPUs
10 May 2024
Why you should consider refurbished GPUs

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has sent demand for advanced processing power soaring through the roof. And, as more and more businesses rush to adopt the next AI-powered tool or piece of software, one piece of hardware has also seen a significant uplift in popularity.

The graphics processing unit, or GPU, has become prominent across various industries due to its advanced operating speeds. Particularly suited to specific applications like image rendering or, crucially, AI, GPUs have significantly larger memory bandwidth and can process multiple computations at the same time. This makes it much more efficient and powerful than a traditional CPU.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s no battle between CPU and GPUs or question of what model to choose; these models complement each other, they don’t compete for first place. And while they do share a lot of common traits, they are built for entirely separate purposes.

For example, a suitably powerful CPU will handle all the tasks required for the software to run smoothly, whereas a GPU can complete simple and repetitive tasks more quickly and at the same time. This makes them better suited to supporting specific, more complex and power-hungry applications.

In fact, some of the most interesting applications being tackled using GPU technology involve AI and machine learning. GPUs have an extraordinary amount of computational capability and can deliver an incredible acceleration in workloads that benefit from the ability to complete multiple tasks in parallel, tasks like image recognition.

In recent years we’ve even seen GPU tech evolve a great deal, and the potential of the technology is huge. There’s no getting away from the cost though. GPUs are more of an investment than CPUs and while they do bring a lot to the party, it’s important that value for money and return on investment are both considered.

Refurbished technology can reduce the cost to add AI to your technology strategy

With more businesses than ever before looking to take advantage of AI, it’s safe to say GPUs are generally quite high up the list of requirements. But much like the servers themselves, the cost of buying brand new from the manufacturer is often above and beyond budget restrictions.

Buying refurbished can help with this. For all but the absolute highest end, most demanding tasks, refurbished tech stacks up extremely well when comparing to buying new. It allows buyers to squeeze more out of their budget, getting more compute power for what they have available.

Just because the technology is more advanced, doesn’t mean it needs to be out of reach.

A fast-track to bypass shortage of supply

As demand for GPUs surge, as is often the case, supply has struggled to keep pace. This has left some businesses facing long waits to get the technology they need to support growth. While the market is responding to correct the shortage, with new AI innovations being released on an almost daily basis the security of that supply chain remains uncertain.

Fortunately, buying refurbished can bypass any issues with supply. Generally refurbished retailers have much less of an issue keeping pace with demand and avoids leaving you waiting for weeks or even months for a new shipment to arrive. This is particularly valuable when your purchases are driven by an urgent need as a result of a new product or customer that has particularly demanding requirements.

Out with the new, in with the old

There's still a stigma when it comes to refurbished technology. Like it’s somehow inferior. But the truth is, refurbished equipment can support an AI strategy just as well as new technology can.

Our refurbished tech is put through a comprehensive and thoroughly meticulous quality assurance process to ensure it is performing as it should be and is as close to new as possible. What’s more, we know peace of mind is important, so all of our equipment comes with as strong a warranty as you’d expect when buying new. 

So, just remember, buying refurbished doesn’t mean you’re restricted to more traditional, less advanced tech options – far from it in fact. We can help build the right package for you that provides everything you need in terms of processor power and peace of mind without leaving your budget extra stretched.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you approach GPUs in a different way, then please do get in touch – we'd love to hear from you.

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