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Trade In, Trade Up

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Last month, we used the analogy of buying a car to illustrate how buying a refurbished server makes so much sense compared to buying brand new. You can use the same car-buying thinking to illustrate the many benefits of trading in your old IT equipment with ETB Technology. Just like trading in your old car gives you more to spend on your next vehicle, trading in your old servers can help you trade up to faster, higher specification servers to replace them with.

Boost your budget
Newer, higher quality equipment is refurbished and resold, while older equipment is used for spare parts for other servers. This ensures that we can offer repairs and refurbishments even when the original manufacturers no longer supply the spare parts for servers that our engineers and our customers need.

Avoid disposal costs
Trading in your old equipment not only makes you money, but also saves you money too. Old IT equipment cannot simply be throw away. It must be disposed of in line with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. This can be a lengthy and costly process compared to simply posting your old kit to us. Unlike WEEE disposal, there is no charge to recycle your old equipment with ETB, so you’ll have even more to spend.

Enhance your CSR
As well as enjoying financial benefits, giving you a bigger budget for your next set of refurbished servers, trading in your servers with ETB will boost your CSR (corporate social responsibility) too. Reusing and recycling are important elements of your company’s environmental policy, proving your sustainability credentials to prospective customers. The more you can recycle, the better your organisation will look and the more you will be doing to mitigate climate change.

Peace of mind
When it comes to disposing of old servers and IT equipment, you need to be sure that all your data has been safely and permanently erased. When you sell to ETB, we will use industry approved software to permanently remove any remaining data, and we will provide you with a certificate to confirm that this has been done, giving you complete peace of mind.

How it works
Trading in your old IT equipment with ETB couldn’t be easier, whether it is part of your next purchase or you are simply selling your kit. The first step is to email our purchasing team at [email protected] and tell us what you have to sell. We’ll need exact model numbers and purchase dates to give you an accurate quote. If you like our offer, you simply send your equipment to us for processing.

Once we’ve tested the equipment, we’ll confirm the price and give you a full report on the condition and performance. We’ll then either apply your trade-in saving to your current order of refurbished servers, significantly increasing your spending power, or we’ll arrange for payment direct to your company bank account. It’s as easy as that.

Trade in and trade up with ETB today and boost your server spending power.