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Rugged Servers Are Ready For Anything

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Most servers have an easy life, working away quietly in a rack or their own, dedicated server room, pampered with air conditioning and dust filters that create ideal operating conditions. But not all servers have it so easy.

From communications in war zones, to data processing in remote scientific bases, from industrial complexes to marine applications, servers can turn up almost anywhere, and when they do, they need to be ready for the demands of their environment. That’s when rugged servers, such as the Dell XR2 really come into their own.

What is a rugged server?
Rugged servers are just that; tough, hardy units that will continue to deliver the performance you need, whatever you throw at them. They are often smaller and lighter than normal servers, which makes them easier to transport, and they are far less sensitive to environmental factors such as dust, moisture and temperature variations. For example, the XR2 rugged server can operate consistently at 45o C, and you can push this up to 55 o C for up to eight hours. This makes it ideal for operations in the Middle East and Africa, as well as heavy industrial sites, engine rooms and many other high temperature applications.

Why do I need a rugged server?
Without a rugged server, you are faced with the choice of risking damage to your equipment and your data, or reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams on site and in the field. Rugged servers allow you to take your computing power with you wherever you go, or place it wherever you want in your company, without compromise. This means that data can be processed on the spot, on site, avoiding problems with signal loss to your data centre and latency of transfer, and removing any security worries.

The Dell XR2 rugged servers are certified for military and marine operations, and intensively tested and certified against shocks, vibrations, dust, humidity and even electromagnetic interference. For even greater protection, you can opt for a filtered bezel that will stop even the most determined dust, or choose the security of a common access reader, which can be removed quickly and easily, rendering the encrypted server data completely safe to unwanted eyes.

Refurbished storage server
As a main supplier of refurbished Dell servers, ETB Technology are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of rugged servers, including the PowerEdge XR2 with its high performance chassis. Our expert team will be happy to work with you to ensure that your refurbished storage server is up to the job and will deliver the performance you need in the environments you will be working in.

Dell PowerEdge XR2 rugged servers are trusted by scientists, military units and industries across the globe to deliver dependable performance in a huge range of conditions. And you can trust ETB to deliver that same performance to you, for less, with an expertly refurbished storage server that are ready for anything.