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Refurbished GPUs are giving businesses more bang for their buck

Refurbished GPUs are giving businesses more bang for their buck
13 May 2024
Refurbished GPUs are giving businesses more bang for their buck

The global market for GPUs looks set for an intense period of growth, a report from Jon Peddie Research showed a year on year growth in sales of more than 30% in Q4 of 2023. With their ability to speed up data processing and rapidly solve the most complex of calculations, it’s unsurprising that more and more users are recognising the true value of GPUs – especially given the recent explosion in AI driven technology. 

Having already proved their worth for many years across industries such as gaming and film and TV production, GPUs provide the compute power to help companies deliver high quality results, more quickly and more efficiently. That’s because, with AI at the forefront of a lot of tech businesses, GPUs have grown to become an integral workstation component for many, with more than ever before also being installed in datacentres. 

And it's easy to see why they're so popular. From a technical perspective, their ability to complete multiple tasks at once, rapidly speed up processing times, and accurately analyse large volumes of data, makes complex tasks such as graphics rendering, data analytics and video processing far more manageable and achievable for businesses of all sizes. Not only do GPUs make these processes easier, but by carrying out tasks faster, they also help to free up capacity so that businesses can better manage their workflow, giving them more time to focus on additional tasks and ultimately, make more profit. From a practical perspective, they provide flexibility and scalability to grow with the company. If businesses find they need more computational power in future, they won’t have to invest in a brand-new workstation to keep up the momentum.

There are two sides to every coin though, and the benefits that come with GPUs aren’t free. In fact, investing in this kind of tech can present eye-watering upfront costs, which can be challenging to justify at a time when budgets are tighter than ever. That means it’s vital for every last drop of value to be squeezed from every investment.

However, just because GPUs are more expensive doesn’t mean they need only be the reserve of larger, more cash rich organisations. For more than a decade, our team has been installing refurbished GPUs in servers, helping customers to achieve the benefits powerful processors bring, but at a fraction of the cost. A tantalising proposition for those looking to get maximum bang for their buck.



Investing in refurbished technology can be an effective approach when budgets are tight, providing an affordable yet reliable solution. It’s an approach that allows businesses to get the most from their technology while limiting the extent of their outgoings. Most recently, we worked with a visual effects specialist who was keen to invest in GPU power to accelerate their rendering process. Opting for refurbished meant they could buy more GPUs within budget and, as a result, gain significantly more power to keep up with demand for new projects. 

Given the benefits that come from integrating refurbished tech, it may be surprising to hear that some remain sceptical. There is still a perception that it is in some way inferior, but, when buying from a reputable retailer, this simply isn’t the case. Choosing refurbished can provide businesses with higher quality and more powerful equipment at a far lower cost than buying new. It’s always worth doing the research though, as refurbished products should undergo thorough checks to ensure the equipment meets industry standards and is ‘like-new’ when it comes to overall performance. This is particularly important when considering GPUs that may be performing tasks requiring greater processing power. If the power regulator is faulty or there’s an issue with the cooling system, it may not become apparent until it’s too late.

And buying refurbished isn’t only about getting high quality equipment for less. As modern businesses continue to focus more on their sustainability credentials and fulfil their role in supporting net zero, revamped technology can play a significant part in helping the entire tech sector become greener and cleaner, reducing e-waste and preventing perfectly serviceable equipment ending up in landfill.

Harnessing the power of GPUs can unlock a whole world of opportunity for businesses, enabling them to focus on tasks that would have previously been deemed unachievable - or at least, unachievable without unrealistic investment in equipment and expertise. But now, particularly as technology like artificial intelligence becomes more available, it’s a viable consideration for much smaller organisations.   As always, investing strategically is important to avoid the risk of over stretching. For companies looking to gain maximum value from their GPU investment, the refurbished market could be the right route to take.  

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