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Solving Brexit shortages with second-user servers

Ongoing confusion about the process of leaving the EU is creating serious problems for British businesses. Top of the list of concerns for many is the issue of imports and exports – especially if a workable customs agreement cannot be found. Much of the media focus has been on how imports will affect manufacturers who…

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Blocked sign made of server parts

2 Second User Server Myths – Busted!

Second user servers have something of an image problem – and most of the rumours and stories are unfounded. As you plan your data centre future and whether used servers have a role to play, here are two myths you can ignore. MYTH – Second user servers are ancient A used server must be old,…

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hanger coming together with server parts

Why used servers aren’t as bad as you think

Second-hand items have a bad reputation. From the awful hand-me-downs you endured as a kid, to the faulty DVD player you bought at a car boot sale a few years ago, each has a bad memory attached. But not all used items are bad though The 1990’s Adidas Originals track top that I bought from…

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hammer made of server parts animating on and off screen

How to build a low-cost virtual storage platform

Much of the flexibility of cloud computing platforms comes from the way in which resources are pooled and virtualised. Popular services like AWS and Microsoft Azure operate a massive, global layer of virtualised data storage to improve availability, performance and resilience – as well as infinite scalability to meet their customers’ increasing demands for capacity.…

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