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Here when I.T. counts.

What are your post-Christmas I.T. plans?

Major IT projects typically entail major disruption. Scheduling system upgrades to minimise that disruption is a careful balancing act – especially as 24×7 system availability is becoming the norm in all businesses. But there is one window of opportunity that still exists for some businesses – the period between Christmas and New Year. This is…

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How to go green and make money

As “green” issues move up the public list of priorities, the eco-friendliness of businesses is becoming more important. In fact, many large businesses now publish Corporate Social Responsibility targets that outline how they will reduce their impact on the environment. But even small and medium-sized organisations have green responsibilities. Take the Waste Electrical and Electronic…

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engineer checking laptop in room of servers

The most cost-effective upgrade most IT managers miss

Like death and taxes, a lack of IT capacity or performance is an inevitability. Eventually the IT manager is forced to take stock of their infrastructure and to begin planning upgrade scenarios. When this happens, the IT manager will find an endless supply of advice from resellers and OEMs, all with the same suggested outcome…

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group of students around laptops

The Benefits of Refurbished Tech in Education

In an ideal world, your institution would be able to buy all-new hardware every year. As a result, refurbished hardware figures almost nowhere in your deliberations. But focusing entirely on new systems could be a serious strategic mistake. Here are three reasons you should seriously consider making refurbished hardware part of your plans for the…

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