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“Good Enough” IT – And How To Save A Fortune

No matter what activities your business is involved in, the amount of digital data you deal with is growing exponentially. This information needs to be stored, processed and actioned – as quickly as possible. Obviously, the solution (according to server manufacturers) is to invest in the latest technologies. Every year they announce new advances, faster…

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How to build a supercomputer (without breaking the bank)

Historically supercomputers have been incredibly expensive. As a result, only the largest organisations have been able to buy one. But as processors have evolved, and the cost of critical components like CPUs and RAM has fallen, so too has the headline price for a supercomputer. It is now possible for almost any business to buy…

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Solving Brexit shortages with second-user servers

Ongoing confusion about the process of leaving the EU is creating serious problems for British businesses. Top of the list of concerns for many is the issue of imports and exports – especially if a workable customs agreement cannot be found. Much of the media focus has been on how imports will affect manufacturers who…

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2 Second User Server Myths – Busted!

Second user servers have something of an image problem – and most of the rumours and stories are unfounded. As you plan your data centre future and whether used servers have a role to play, here are two myths you can ignore. MYTH – Second user servers are ancient A used server must be old,…

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