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Product Compare

Features of Product Compare

At ETB we know that selecting the correct specification of server, storage array or networking switch for your project is not always straightforward. You might already have a specific list of criteria which allows you to narrow down the choices which makes our configure to order service ideal for you. However we also know that…

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purchasing team

A day with… ETB purchasing team

Last month we heard from our product team about what a typical day looks like for them. However, they wouldn’t be able to do their job if it wasn’t for the purchasing team who make sure we hold the stock that our customers want and need. Read on to see what the team does each…

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A day with ETB product team

We are incredibly proud of our people (as you might have guessed through this blog series), but the equipment we sell is our bread and butter. Split across our Dalbeattie and Bellshill offices, the product team helps to ensure every item is processed and listed ready for sale. Read more about what a typical day…

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buying refurbished for financial planning

Buying refurbished for financial planning

Peter Miller, Sales Manager, ETB Technologies Financial planning starts with knowing what your business needs. It’s a concept that seems simple, but isn’t necessarily so straightforward; financial planning involves forward thinking, to consider both the current and future needs of your business to best manage the return on investment. In a time of continued uncertainty,…

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