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Making Your IT Budget Go Further

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Very few companies, if any, have the luxury of an unlimited budget to spend on IT. That means that it’s really important to get the best possible value for money when it comes to investing in servers, switches and other equipment. And the best way to do that is with a refurbished storage server, and spare parts for servers in your existing system, from ETB Technology.

Think of it like buying a car…
When it comes to buying a car, you can buy brand new, direct from the dealership, and enjoy that new car smell, the warranty and the brand-new price tag that comes with it. Alternatively, you can buy a nearly-new car that still comes with a warranty, but doesn’t have the same eye-watering price. Once that new car smell wears off, it will be almost impossible to tell the difference – until you check your bank balance.

Get more…
Just like cars, even though there is no difference in performance between a new and quality refurbished storage server, the difference in price can be quite significant. That difference means that you can afford a much higher specification for the same price – a sunroof and a better stereo so to speak – getting more for your money. Buying nearly new, refurbished storage servers could bring a whole new level of server technology within your budget, which simply wouldn’t be affordable if you bought brand new.

…or pay less
Alternatively, you could get exactly the same model, but pay a lot less for it, leaving you some budget left over for other IT products, such as monitors, desktop computers or laptops. ETB’s low-cost Dell servers have often barely been out of the box, as we take stock from cancelled orders and returns as well as pre-owned servers. These are the ‘delivery mileage cars’ of the server world; they cannot be sold as brand new, at the brand-new price, but they are ‘new’ in every way that really matters.

Next day delivery
Another advantage of buying a quality refurbished Dell server from ETB is that you can have it delivered the next day, with no waiting for the factory to deliver and no long manufacturer’s lead time. Just like a nearly new car on the motor dealer’s forecourt, you can ‘drive away today’, and start enjoying the benefits so much sooner.

See what you could save
Compare the price of a high-quality, expertly refurbished storage server from ETB with the cost of buying new, and you’ll soon see how much your company could save, or how much more you could get for the same IT budget. You’ll find our full stock on our website, with next day delivery guaranteed on everything listed. You’ll also find our friendly team really helpful when it comes to choosing the right server for your business, with expert advice always available to maximise your value for money.

We can’t promise you that new car smell, but we do promise to charge far less than the new price.