Price Match Promise

At ETB Technologies we are committed to giving you the very best value for money on a huge range of IT equipment. In the unlikely event that you find the same product on sale in the UK at a lower price, we will match it.



At ETB we’re confident in our testing procedures and the quality of the items we sell. For this reason we offer robust warranties on all orders. Everything apart from batteries and some clearance items are supplied with a minimum of 1-year warranty included, however the majority of our product range comes with a 3-year standard warranty.
We also offer the opportunity for you to upgrade your warranty to include onsite technical support.



UK next day delivery as standard and worldwide shipping available. Orders placed before 2pm which require no configuration will ship that day. For items requiring configuration or additional testing please allow an extra 24 hours. All orders are sent on fully tracked services and our team will keep you updated on the progress of your order.


Case study: catalyst2

catalyst2 case study
21 August 2023
Case study: catalyst2

“ETB gets me what I need, when I need it” says Paul Redpath, director at catalyst2.

As a managed hosting provider, it’s important that the team at catalyst2 can get customers the hardware that they need quickly and for a competitive price. But, just as important, is that the technology is reliable and the supplier is nimble enough to respond to changing customer requirements.

Paul says: “Despite a challenging economic and geopolitical landscape, ETB has consistently matched the big players for quality and value. And, as a result of an innovative and sustainable approach, they’ve also managed to bypass a lot of the supply chain chaos, which is hampering so many organisations when it comes to buying the kit they need.

Getting customers exactly what they need

catalyst2 is a managed hosting provider with more than 20 years of experience. Servicing a diverse customer portfolio, they know that every business is different and has different requirements when it comes to their IT.

Paul says: “All the organisations we deal with have unique requirements and our aim is to accommodate everything that they need. We’re often dealing with bespoke requests which can be extremely difficult for the larger suppliers to fulfil, especially if there is a tight deadline attached. For example, it might be that a customer requires an older generation server to accommodate a very specific type of application. In those kinds of situations, it’s often the case that a newer version just won’t do the trick. That means, if the required model is out of production, it can be tricky to source the suitable kit. This can prove expensive and complicated for the business, the kind of headache no organisation wants to have to deal with."

“Whatever the requirement, our customers rely on us to support them in acquiring that equipment so they can concentrate on what’s most important to them – running their business. It’s therefore vital that we provide a smooth and reliable service and, in order to do that, we need reliable suppliers."

“We can trust that ETB will help us in any way they can. They deliver great technology at a very competitive price and are consistently dependable, which means we can spend our time supporting our customers rather than chasing up suppliers.”

catalyst2 also found that more customers are asking more often about environmental credentials as they try to fulfil their own sustainability commitments.

Paul added: “In an age where we’re getting more and more questions about the sustainability of technology and our approach to green issues, it’s great to be working with a business like ETB that puts an environmentally friendly approach right at the front of everything it does. It’s extremely helpful to be able to reassure our customers that we are taking steps to reduce our overall carbon footprint.”

Speedy service to get businesses moving

The lasting impact of the pandemic, combined with a range of complex geopolitical circumstances, have had a significant impact on the overall technology supply chain. This not only means price increases, but also a major delay in delivery. The speed and nimbleness that we show when delivering for catalyst2’s customers impressed Paul right off the bat.

He says: “The speed with which ETB can turn around our order is unmatched. The truth is that a lot of our customers just can’t afford to wait for their order. Right from when we first raise an enquiry with the team at ETB, we get a fantastic and speedy service. They always get back to us quickly and we normally get a 24-hour turnaround which means the businesses we work with aren’t waiting to get their hands on what they need.”

The right knowledge and expertise

No matter how good the products are, poor service can sour the entire experience of working with a supplier. This hasn’t been a problem for Paul who has a great relationship with his ETB account manager and knows he will always get the best advice when it comes to procuring what his customers need.

Paul said: “We have a fantastic relationship with our account manager and I always know that he’s there if I need him. We’ve worked together for a long time and his knowledge and expertise has proved extremely valuable on many occasions. If I have a question, I know I’ve got the expertise on hand to find the right answer and, crucially, that answer will come quickly. What’s more, on the very rare occasion that there is an issue with a product, it’s resolved extremely quickly and with no hassle. This is all extra value that we can pass directly on to our customers.”

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