Become a greener company – stop recycling servers.

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In an effort to become better global citizens, many firms are doing what they can to lessen their environmental impact. And there is legislation in place, like the WEEE directive, to ensure they do.

So, when it comes time to dispose of old servers and networking hardware, firms are choosing to have the old equipment recycled. Indeed, the WEEE directive demands that they do.

Offloading servers to a recycler may not be as “green” as you hoped. But it also means you may be missing out on one last benefit from your ageing hardware.

Don’t recycle, re-sell

Just because your systems have reached end of life for you doesn’t mean that they are end of life for everyone. There is a growing market for low-cost second user servers, with resellers like ETB offering cash in return for your unwanted hardware.

There is also a market for hardware that is not fully functioning. Spare parts for older systems are in constant demand, and your unwanted servers can be cannibalised for those components.

Instead of having your systems dismantled and melted down, they can be pushed back into service. By extending the lifespan of these older systems you can delay the need for recycling – reducing the amount of toxic chemicals.

It makes business sense

Selling redundant servers for cash is a no-brainer. You increase the overall ROI on hardware investment for starters. And you free up some cash for investment in replacing your older servers – or for any other strategic IT project you are planning.

If your business is serious about “going green”, recycling may not be the most eco-friendly choice. And you may be passing up “free” money by sending your servers to be melted down as per WEEE requirements.

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