A day with… ETB Warehouse team

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Next in our blog series where we give you a taste of the day in the life of the team at ETB Technologies, we meet the team based in the warehouse.

The warehouse team – which forms a key part of the company’s operations alongside engineering and export compliance – is an integral part of our business at ETB. We’re fortunate to have a brilliant group of people that are part of the team. Take a look at a typical day and who is most likely to whiz through the daily dispatch cut off.

  • 8.15am – The official start time for the team is 8.30am, but some of the team start to arrive from 8.15am. Gary M, our warehouse and shipping manager, is already in looking at inbound PO’s and sales orders for the day, ready to lead his team through the daily hustle and bustle.
  • 8.30am – The warehouse team are all in are picking and packing the first orders of the day.  Shane C and Willie are already winding each other up… Gary F; one the Warehouse Team Leaders; is already shaking his head at them.
  • 9.30am – Colin is busy packing customer orders whilst trying to talk to Gary M about last night’s football.
  • 10.30am – Operations manager, Andy, pops down to the Warehouse to chat to Aaron in the Paint department, or Toast as he is affectionately known! We have processes in place to refinish all our “refurbished” grade items to an as new condition so that our customers can have faith that products purchased from ETB are refurbished to the highest standards, both in terms of engineering and cosmetic condition.
  • 11am – Willie is a local retained firefighter and rushes out to his car as he has received a shout from the fire station to attend a local call out.  At ETB, we are proud to support our local community by having a retained fireman and lifeboat person in our ranks.
  • 12.30pm – The team stagger their breaks, so we always have plenty of cover.  Some of the team can always be seen practicing their darts skills on one of the darts boards in the canteen during their lunch break.  Today, Ali is currently giving everyone a run for their money.
  • 1.30pm – After lunch is when the orders ramp up from the sales team, and the team also start to receive builds from engineering next door for packing. At this time the warehouse is a hive of activity as the team processes all the orders in time for the courier collection. Just in time to help out, Willie arrives back from his call out to some good-natured jeers as the orders start to pick up.
  • 2pm – This is the cut off time for customers to place orders for next day delivery.
  • 3.30pm – The Sales team process and send the last of the orders down to the warehouse for dispatch that day. 
  • 4.15pm – FedEx has arrived to collect the bulk of today’s shipments. The warehouse team has securely packed the remaining shipments in time for collection.  Willie and Shane C are still winding each other up. 2021 saw our busiest year with well over 10,000 shipments made to over 110 countries worldwide.
  • 4.30pm – Steve is in the caged secure area of the warehouse conducting a stock check of our CPU’s.  One of the Warehouse team makes a light-hearted joke to him about feeling safer with Steve in the cage…
  • 5pm –The end of another busy day in the warehouse at ETB!  Just one last task of tidying the space so it is reset for tomorrow.