A day with… ETB Sales Team

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Next in our blog series where we give you a taste of the day in the life of the team at ETB Technologies, we meet the sales team.

The sales team is an integral part of our operation at ETB (as you can imagine). We’re fortunate to have a brilliant group of people that make it up. Take a look at a typical day and who is most likely to whiz through the daily dispatch cut off.

  • 8.15am – The official start time for the team is between 8.30am and 9am, but some of the team start to arrive from 0815. Except for Mark… he has slept though his alarm and is running late today. Sales Manager, Pete, has told him not to worry and not to rush. Julie and Connor are working from home today. They’re online already – business dress from the waist up, comfies from the waist down.

If there has been football on the night before, there will always be some chatter about this. However, Kirsty’s level of participation will vary depending on how her team performed.

  • 8.30am – Hayley and Callie in the web team will get to work on processing any orders that have been received overnight. These are typically from our American customers, but there are often UK and European customers placing orders through the night. IT never sleeps, right? As for the Account Managers, they will be checking their emails for PO’s, new queries, or responses from customers on on-going projects. From there, everyone plans their morning.
  • 9am – Morning briefing time. The days are always very fast paced here at ETB, so the morning briefing is a good opportunity for individuals from the purchasing, operations and engineering teams to hear what sales are working on and provide any updates of their own. Pete informs everyone that Mark is running late and instructs them to welcome him with a round of applause. Marks tardiness will now be a running joke for the rest of the day.
  • 9.10am – Briefing over and everyone sets about their day. The team will be helping customers with a multitude of queries ranging from full server and storage configurations, while others may be wanting to confirm parts compatibility. These queries can come through our phone lines, live chat, or email.
  • 9.30am – Mark shuffles into the office with his head down hoping he won’t be noticed. He is. And the team applaud him. Oh, the shame…
  • 10.30am – Today we have a hot-chocolate station in the canteen as part of our Christmas celebrations. Kirsty and Hayley are the first to visit. Even though he is working from home today, Connor doesn’t miss out as he explains that he has a hot chocolate velvetiser at home. Of course, he does. At the same time, the office quietens for Radio 2’s Pop Master of which, Drew and Julie are massive fans. They scored 25 and 21 today. Not bad, but Drew has done better. Julie takes part from home. Between Drew and Julie, they answer all the questions correctly. I’m not sure Ken Bruce plays by those rules though.
  • 11am – Assistant Manager, Al, sends out some pricing alerts to the team. Armed with this info, the team can inform customers of potential savings, or provide a heads up  that prices are about to go up. Our quotes are valid for 7 days subject to stock availability.
  • 12:30pm – The team stagger their breaks, so we always have plenty of cover on the sales floor.
  • 1.30pm – After lunch is usually when most of the team will start following up on quotes that they’ve sent out earlier in the morning or in the days previous. They will also check in with our wider customer base to see what projects we can help on.
  • 2.30pm – Kirsty has a customer from the EU with concerns relating to Brexit queries but she’s able to ease these and explains to the customer that through a solid understanding of the required processes and paperwork, they won’t face any delays. She also informs the customer that refurbished IT equipment is exempt from import duties to the EU, so it’s smiles all round.
  • 3pm – Our cut-off for dispatch is 3.30pm, so here comes the usual last-minute rush. Callie in sales support is a pro and doesn’t break a sweat.
  • 3.30pm – The team will start sending out invoices and tracking information for today’s orders.
  • 4pm – Most of the US is online by now, and we get another flurry of orders and queries. The team work flat out to ensure the customers are given all the answers and quotations before the end of the day.
  • 5.30pm – A final check of their task lists and emails to make sure everything is handled, and the team will start to head home for some R&R ahead of doing it all again (but hopefully Mark will be on time tomorrow…).