A day with ETB Customer Support Team

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People are central to the success of ETB Technologies.

We are proud of the team that work with us, and over the coming weeks we will be introducing you to some of the teams who have made us who we are over the last 20 years.

This month, we meet the Customer Support Team – often the first port of call for our customers after a purchase – who provide a run down on a typical day (including caffeine consumption).

  • 8.30am – The team are logged on and ready to support customers with any queries. Coffee fiend, Lynne, has her first cup on the go already – she will usually manage six cups by the end of the day.
  • 8.45am – All new replies and requests which have been received overnight have been reviewed and allocated to a member of the team for action. We typically respond to new support requests in around 45 minutes.
  • 9.30am – Using our parcel tracking software, we check on the status of all orders currently en route to customers. We proactively monitor every order and keep customers informed at all stages.
  • 10am – By now support engineer, James is working through any troubleshooting requests from customers and assisting them with their technical queries.
  • 11am – Customer Service Manager, Laura and Senior Support Advisor, Rebecca will meet to discuss current customer issues and share relevant findings with relevant department managers. This data is used to continually improve internal processes and quality.
  • 11.30am – Thoughts turn to lunch and there is some Teams chat around who has the best lunch options that day. Anything aside from soup or a sandwich usually piques the team’s ears… that, or if there is cake in the office kitchen.
  • 12.30pm – The customer support team work with all departments at various times so by the middle of the day it’s likely we’ll have phoned, emailed or gone to see at least one person from each department to get advice or follow up on a query.
  • 2.30pm – The sun has moved and is shining in the windows, so the blinds are closed to prevent James turning to stone.
  • 3.30pm – Cut off time for getting orders to the warehouse to be packed ready for our courier collection. We test all items being shipped as warranty replacements, so the customer support team oversee this process from creation of the order through engineering and then into the warehouse for shipping.
  • 4pm – We’ll ensure that customers have been updated on any replacement orders being shipped that day and schedule any follow up actions that may be needed.
  • 5pm – Customer support finishes for the day and everyone heads home to enjoy their evening, when we leave our support team mascot – Firefly – to keep an eye on things for us until the next morning.