10 Reasons to Buy Refurbished

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Mention the word refurbished to the average person in the street and they’ll likely think of used smartphones, laptops, furniture or cars. The consumer purchasing journey has long accepted that second hand can be as good as new – and at a price they can afford.

Yet many businesses still hesitate about turning to the refurbished market to meet their enterprise IT needs – be that servers, storage or networking equipment.  Here’s ten reasons why buying refurbished may make better business sense.

  1. Cost savings

No surprise here. Buying refurbished enterprise IT equipment is far more cost-effective than buying new. How much you can save varies depending on needs and requirements but, on average, you can expect to reduce spend by between 10% and 40%, even more in certain cases.

  1. More access to spare parts

ETB Technologies reuses all the old equipment we buy, so we have a huge bank of spare parts that can be ready to ship immediately. This means we can offer repairs and refurbishments, even when the original manufacturer no longer supplies the spare parts for servers that our engineers and our customers need.

  1. Availability of product

With global supply chains currently experiencing long delays – in some cases up to three months – and the continuing semi-conductor shortage, you can be confident that anything you see on our website is in stock and ready to ship. That means if you need to quickly extend your IT needs to cope with Black Friday or want to increase the size of your servers or storage to help your business grow, just order by 2pm and we will ship component orders the same day. Any items which require pre-shipping build and configuration – such as Servers and Storage Arrays – can take an extra 24hrs to process. We’ll make sure you’re kept up to date for the entire process.

  1. Reliability

Another misconception about the refurb market is that you have to trade off reliability. Au contraire!  When you buy new, on average most failures occur within the first 14 days. In the refurbished world, equipment has already been in production so any pre-existing issues will have been identified and resolved. It’s then tested again before leaving us as refurbished kit.

  1. Warranty

Although we are confident that you won’t have any issue with your equipment, we also recognise that sometimes things go wrong. Everything we sell comes with a one-year warranty, and in some cases, we can offer as long as a three-years’ peace of mind. If customers have any issue, they can contact our UK-based team, as well as having access to trained engineers to fix the problem. If we can’t fix it and it is still in warranty; we will replace like-for-like.

  1. Boost your green credentials

With COP26 putting sustainability high on the corporate agenda, there’s never been more motivation for companies to think about the environmental impact of their operations. The circular economy is key to this, and buying refurbished helps your organisation remove carbon from its supply chain, helping to reduce your CO2 emissions and drive you towards Net Zero.

  1. Customisable

Every business is different and we realise that your IT hardware will have unique specifications. Another great reason to turn to the refurbished market is flexibility to build a machine to fit your exact requirements. In theory, you can even build your own supercomputer using older generation Dell Blade servers (more on that here) – so if you can build that, you can build pretty much anything to suit your enterprise IT needs.

  1. Improved scalability

Given that you can pick up a refurbed server with great reliability and performance outputs at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new server with the option to adapt to your needs, scalability is possible. So, whether you’re expecting a busy sales period or taking on new clients and need more computer power, refurbished is a great way to support this within your budget.

  1. Give your back-ups a new lease of life

Although certain sectors need to buy new to ensure compliance, refurbished equipment can be a highly cost-effective way to supplement existing critical equipment or boost your back-up capabilities to improve recovery time.

  1. Avoid disposal costs

Trading in your old equipment not only makes you money, but also saves you cash. Old IT equipment must be disposed of in line with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. This can be a lengthy and costly process compared to selling your old kit to us (conditions apply – more info here). Our process is straightforward: simply email our purchasing team with details of the equipment you wish to sell and they will work directly with you to negotiate the purchase price (subject to testing) and explain how the process works. Once we receive your equipment, we will provide you with a full report, along with a certificate to confirm the secure erasure of your data using industry approved software. The funds will then either be sent to you or taken off your ETB purchase.